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An approximate five-acre property on Coolamon Scenic Drive, a premier location in the northern rivers region, having significant panoramic views across Byron Bay and hinterland.

​The house, designed by Sydney-based architect Alex Tzannes, was a striking feature to the local landscape and required sensitive blending with the site, while maintaining views and screening the adjacent roadway.

As it was a fairly open site needing significant water storage, a dam with screen planting around the boundaries was proposed with an exotic but simple garden within.​ A water feature accompanied the internal garden and protected open grass terrace on the lower portion of the site while designating areas for revegetating and screening from neighbouring properties.

​The garden provided a variety of spaces, water features and open space for children’s play with a mixture of exotic and local vegetation.

Architect  : Alec Tzannes


Location  : Coorabell, Byron Bay NSW

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