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Designing the master plan for this 120-acre property on the outskirts of Byron Bay was significantly affected by deforestation and overrun by all manner of weed species. The site would have originally been covered with semi-tropical and littoral rainforest. However it was in an advanced state of disrepair, almost entirely denuded of original vegetation to provide for cattle pasture, so typical in this region.

The master plan designated areas and stages for the repair and reforestation of the site, concentrating initially on replanting the many gullies and then broadening out toward the ridge that borders the property.

As the client encouraged exotic plantings, the site was divided into zones of exotic and native vegetation. The proposal encouraged and utilised existing microclimates allowing for the vast selection of exotic and rare species to thrive. In addition extensive areas for endemic vegetative plantings and reforestation projects ensued with great success.

A series of dams and water features were created throughout the property, primarily as water access for garden establishment as well as for design interest and wildlife habitat.

This garden was featured in PLANTING DREAMS, GRAND GARDEN DESIGNS,

a photographic exhibition of contemporary garden design at the STATE LIBRARY OF NSW


Location:  Ewingsdale, Byron Bay  NSW

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