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This residential design varies from the typical as it is located on 120 acres NEAR Byron Bay with a large portion of low lying lands designated as protected heathland. Where once there was semi tropical rainforest and significant tree cover, there now existed grassy (camphor and lantana covered) rolling hillsides – pasture created for cattle grazing. 

The new dwelling, positioned to overlook this heathland and to take advantage of 180 degree ocean view, was understated in palette so as to blend with the overall landscape. The dwelling and landscape was designed to meld with one another, for interior spaces to ‘experience’ the garden from all internal vantage points.

The natural palette of the house formed a perfect backdrop to the various planting schemes, with exotic and rare vegetation closer to the dwelling, blending with an endemic palette as one moves into outlying garden areas.

The property had several natural springs which inspired a variety of water features in the design. A basalt rock formed waterfall culminating in a waterhole for swimming and a large lily pond supplying water for the extensive garden areas are a few elements that feature in this garden.

The property consists of significant acres of revegetation. A great variety of habitat has been created thus increasing the biodiversity of local flora and fauna. A considerable portion has been reforested with areas earmarked for future regen projects to continue.

Architect: Hochhauser Bladder  AIA  / Drew Heath Architecture

Location: Tyagarah, Byron Bay  NSW

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